Guidelines for Parents

Starting and Finishing Time
School opens at 8.50 and finishes at 13.30 for junior and senior infants. All other classes finish school at 14.30. There are two lunch breaks during the day; a short break from 10.30-10.45 and a longer break from 12.35 to 13.00. For the first 2 weeks in September, junior infants finish at 12.00pm as it is important for the pupils to settle into their new environment.
School uniform
The children are required to wear a navy crested tracksuit with polo t-shirt.  This t-shirt can be either pale blue, white, yellow or red. The tracksuit allows for all aspects of physical education and dance to be incorporated throughout each school day comfortably. The tracksuit is generic and can be purchased in high street stores, e.g., Dunnes/Tesco etc. (No hoodies or branded tracksuits). The iron-on school crest is available for purchase in the school.  For recommended ironing instruction please click the following link:  Ironing Instructions apr2017      Your child should wear sturdy Velcro fastened runners. Please do not send them to school with laces until they can tie them securely themselves. Please also ensure they can put on and zip/button up their coat. All school uniform items and coats need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name to avoid confusion or items being mislaid or lost.
First Day
Please be positive with your child in preparing them for school and explain to them what they can expect throughout the school, e.g., being in the classroom with their new teacher, other children, breaks, sitting down, tidy up time and home time (to name but a few!).  This is a very special day for your child and it is important that you encourage an atmosphere of fun and excitement so that your child will feel relaxed when they arrive. On arrival, you should bring your child down the side of the main building as indicated, and they will be met by a member of staff and brought to their classroom.  Parents are not permitted in the school building.  Additionally, all adults are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing while on school ground. 
Home Time
All junior infants go home at 13.30. Please be there on time to collect your child as they will become anxious if they think they are forgotten. The children will be walked out to the front gate and can be collected from there. For the first few weeks in September, while the children get use to their surroundings, they will go home at the earlier time of 12 o’clock. For safety reasons and to avoid confusion, please inform the teacher if crèche, family member or a friend is collecting your child.
Late/Home Early
If your child is arriving late or going home early, they must be dropped off or collected by an adult and the office/teacher informed.
If your child is sick, please do not send them to school. You should phone/text/email the school on the 1st day of their absence to advise on the nature of the illness. When the child returns to school a note should be given to the teacher outlining the nature of the absence. Please note, the school is required by the Department of Education to report any child who is absent for more than 20 days in any school year.
There are two breaks during the day, a short break from 10.30 to 10.45, and a longer break from 12.35 to 13.00. The junior and senior infants share the same yard. For safety purposes, please chat with your child about the importance of staying in their own yard to avoid being knocked down by a ball or an older boy or girl. We try to ensure that no child feels left out or lonely, and to this end, we recommend that older brothers, sisters and friends do not monopolise the younger children during playtime, as this may restrict them in forming their own friendships.
NB: We have peanut & nut allergies in the school so no peanuts, peanut butter or any foods containing peanuts/nuts are permitted in the school. When starting school, many children are too keyed up and distracted to eat a large lunch so were recommend a small nutritious snack, e.g., two sandwiches, milk or water, a piece of fruit, and cheese or yogurt. Cereal bars are not a healthy option for lunch boxes, so please refrain from putting these in your child’s lunchbox. Please ensure your child has some fruit or vegetables for their first break- which is our ‘fruit/veg break’. They can then have their sandwiches, yogurt, etc., for their big break. We try to ensure that the children eat a good portion of their lunch, particularly their fruit and sandwiches. We do not encourage the swapping of lunch items. We strongly urge you to follow our 'Healthy Lunch Box' recommendations. The children are asked not to bring any nuts, sweets, crisps, chocolate or buns. Please ensure that your child’s lunchbox, drinks bottle and other packaging are easily opened/closed by your child and are clearly labelled with your child’s name. In line with our Green Schools Policy, and to ensure you are aware of what your child has eaten, any uneaten lunch and wrapping will be returned home in their lunchbox.
The school currently operates a book rental/supplies scheme. All books and supplies that your child will need during the year will be available in the classroom. We would ask that you do not send in additional books or stationery as this creates unhealthy competition among the children. Later in the year, the children will bring home readers for homework, please keep these safe in your child’s folder.
Stationery (at home)
Please ensure that your child has: at least one pencil (preferably thick, to suit a beginner), a sharpener to suit the pencils and colours of some kind- crayons or colouring pencils.  Please leave this stationery at home. Your child will need this for their homework that they will get each night. They will never need to bring these into school.
As with every school, parking in the morning and in the afternoon can be a challenge. Please be mindful of all children and park in a manner that does not endanger them in anyway.